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This Artist Makes a Million Dollars a Year Drawing Sketches On YouTube

August 17, 2022

And he didn’t pick up a pencil until he was in his mid thirties after his wife suffered a terrible accident. He credits drawing with changing his life.

When it comes to selling, there are three types of products: candy, vitamins, and painkillers. (And also those sticky hands from the 90s.)

If you want to do laps in a swimming pool while nibbling on turkey and olives and just letting the sales pour in before wrapping yourself in an Armani robe, well, painkiller products will get you there faster: AKA something that solves a “headache” that people have. Think: “I really gotta lose this chub.” = “Hire a weight loss coach.” Or “My toilet is leaking” = “I need a plumber.”




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